Will the laser engraving wear out?

Laser engravings on the inside of the ring will not tarnish no matter what metal you choose, as long as you wear the ring on your finger. Your leather, being no more resistant than metal, will not wear out the laser engraving. Does laser engraving wear out with normal use and washing? The answer is yes and no.

Laser engraving

leaves indelible marks on the item by producing a large amount of energy directed at a very small area.

This focused energy leaves a permanent mark by melting, heating, vaporizing or burning the top layer of the material. However, the permanence of the laser engraving depends on the material used, the depth of the engraving, what the engraving element is used for and how often the items are polished. As for the durability of the engraving, it really depends on the metal of the ring or the substance being engraved. On softer metals, such as silver or gold, the ring may be scratched and the engraving may wear out over time.

On harder metals such as tungsten, engraving does not tarnish. If you wear the ring on your finger all the time and the engraving is done on the inside, the engraving will not wear out, regardless of the type of metal used. Laser marking discolors the surface of the material, while laser engraving and engraving actually removes a portion of the surface area as you mark. The main difference between laser engraving and engraving is the depth at which the laser penetrates the surface.

A laser-engraved mark will remain legible for the life of the part with better readability than other direct part marking technologies. In fact, laser engraving can withstand non-abrasive treatments, including electronic coating, powder coating and heat treatment. Because laser engraving draws the image or text directly onto the surface, the engraving will last as long as the tombstone or monument. Laser-etched text or images made on quality surfaces, such as granite, will last as long as granite lasts without fading or wear.

The engraving of jewelry items dates back to prehistoric times, when it mainly took the form of carvings on decorative stones. Between dot blasting, inkjet printing, laser marking and printed labels, the right solution is not always obvious. After the important first step of choosing the actual ring, you are ready to personalize the rings by engraving a special message with each other inside the ring. Just like when engraving any other material, use a more powerful laser when engraving thicker wood and a less powerful laser when engraving lighter wood.

If the engraved item is exposed to a lot of friction, it will wear out faster than if it were not as exposed to friction. Those who tend to get alternative metals, such as tungsten carbide jewelry, tend to opt for laser engraving. To maintain legibility after abrasive treatments, it is necessary to mark the workpieces with a shot peen-resistant laser engraving. A system of equal power can record faster than another if it is built with better optical components and has optimized laser parameters.

For example, engravings on gold and other softer metals wear out faster than on harder metals such as tungsten. TYKMA Electrox offers precise laser marking, engraving and engraving systems for almost any industry and application you can think of. From that moment on, laser engraving and laser engraving began to be used more widely to engrave personal items and to implement modern traceability on production lines. These three laser services provide a permanent marking solution, which complies with regulations and adds distinction to your products and parts.

The introduction of laser engravers has made it possible to engrave almost any type of material with custom designs. Even if you make deep cuts in the material to make it more durable, the engravings cannot last longer than the material itself. .

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