What is laser engraving on leather?

Laser engraving of leather The process of engraving or engraving the leather produces an engraving effect and, depending on the surface of the leather, produces a noticeable and clean contrast. Light-colored leathers produce significant color contrast, while engraving darker leathers results in a more subtle contrast.

laser engraving

on natural, suede and synthetic leathers is a process used to create permanent images on the leather surface. It usually uses an industrial laser to engrave leather.

But how do you choose the right equipment for this?.

Laser engraving on

natural leather, suede and rough leather works well. It works equally well when engraving and cutting synthetic leather or nubuck and suede or microfiber materials, such as Alcantara (Ultrasuede). However, you should ask the manufacturer, since synthetic leather often contains PVC compounds.

Processing PVC with a laser engraver can cause the addition of hazardous gases. So, to be safe, you may want to wear natural leather unless you know what you are doing. The leather is laser engraved to create a decorative design or patterns that are also known as motifs. With today's technology, image files can be engraved on a skin with a laser machine.

The laser machine is configured to burn the upper layers of the leather so that the surface is dark but not deeply damaged. The laser is mainly used on natural leather without color, but also on pigmented leather. On pigmented skins, only the top layer of the paint layer burns. With an individual laser engraving, you can quickly refine high-quality natural leather, suede or suede materials.

Whether it's wallets, briefcases, jewelry or shoes, laser technology offers you many creative areas of application in leather processing. Economical but elegant customization, logo branding or delicately cut details enhance leather products and create added value. Each piece can be produced economically, either individually or in large batches. Laser engraving of leather simply refers to the use of a CO2 laser to engrave custom designs on any type of leather material.

By varying the laser intensity and exposure time, you can customize a laser engraving project to simply engrave a design on the surface of the leather or cut it directly. After laser engraving, some types of leather can be further enhanced by rubbing hand cream or sun cream onto the material to moisturize it and provide a luxurious-looking luster, especially when it has been intensively engraved with laser. Laser engraving is a fully automated process, so you can expect the same level of quality and accuracy every time. Leather is an organic material that provides excellent results when processed with a CO2 laser system.

Another advantage of working with one of our machines is that you can have the same design engraved, cut or engraved on the leather over and over again. Unlike milling and cutting tools, a laser engraving does not need to be repaired or replaced as often. If you are looking for a machine specifically designed for leather engraving, a YAG laser machine is a good choice. Thunder Laser USA can provide you with the technology needed to make leather a best-selling product for your company.

Actually, laser engraving is a must for companies that want to expand their services or product line to include custom leather products. There is also no need to make any tool changes when changing from one type of leather to another, just load the preset laser parameters. Regardless of which machine you choose, be sure to research the different laser engraving software options that are available. There are many types of laser machines on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

If you are in the leather handicraft business, a laser engraving machine is practically necessary to stay competitive. If you need a machine that is versatile and can handle a variety of non-metallic materials, then a CO₂ laser machine is a good choice. . .

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