Can you erase the laser engraving?

To remove an engraving, a jeweler has to laser the metal in the engraving area, flying it to level the texture of the metal. Once this is done, the jeweller polishes the item and returns it to a smooth, blank surface. People may wonder if laser-engraved markings can be removed from a material. The answer to this is yes and no, since it depends on certain factors.

The upper surface of the item to be engraved must be smooth, as the laser engraving process melts this layer to produce the desired marks and the engraving will not be legible if the surface is roughened in any way. However, the best way to avoid the need to remove these marks is to perform the job correctly the first time, so it's better to understand common laser engraving errors and how to avoid them altogether. Feel free to talk to a laser engraving supplier to learn more about the materials to be selected and the process that should be used to ensure that the finished project is the desired one. For example, laser engraving a sign for a hospital may not be appropriate if the material used cannot withstand the harsh cleaning substances needed in this environment.

If there is a minor error, you can fix it by engraving on it, adding to the design or erasing a small part of the design. While there are situations where a person may want laser engraving marks removed, there are also situations where removing marks can be disastrous. People often assume that removing laser engraving requires nothing more than polishing the metal to provide a clear surface for a new engraving.

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